Five things you should never buy during Christmas season

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and giving gifts to each other culture is bustling between young people and people in love. As a result, one present is considered as a gold key to close their relationship better. However, actually some people are confused about the various choice. Here is a list of five things you should skip over this event. Please, keep this guide in mind if you go shopping.


From time to time, Christmas is always the greatest period for everyone to buy jewelry for their loved ones. Apparently, it is a suitable opportunity for these shop’s bosses to increase all of the prices. People usually called it as a “fever”. To save money and still have beautiful jewelry, why do not you buy them after Christmas??? Immediately the X-mas ends, these things are also sale-off gradually. This is a good time for you to collect those jewelry and welcome the New Year.

Exercise equipment

Normally, Christmas holiday lasts long in many days, maybe it is the perfect time to relax and enjoy after the pressure coming from job, family and social relations. Consequently, people easily gain weight because of the attraction of many delicious foods. Therefore, everyone buys some exercise equipments to keep fit during Christmas. But, all sorts of deals are really better than what you would get before that.


It is the fact that some electronics are being increasingly consumed by a lot of households such as televisions, computers, laptops, refrigerators or even air- conditionals during Noel period. Obviously, they earn an amount of money after work – out projects, so they easily get one of those to enhance their house’s furniture. However, all sale staffs are putting effort into selling products more or less than last year. As a result, at the end of the year as 25th December, there are no many new and fashionable products, so the best choice is after Christmas Day or until the New Year.

Air Travel

Although many people get a day off for a long time, traveling by airplane is not really good choice. You might be unaware that this season is a terrible time to book flights due to the overload. Instead, you should spend time on visiting your relatives to get on well with them.

Winter gear

It is true that lots of clothes are sold during a holiday, but the best deals arrive in January when winter gear is discounted dramatically. In expecting to see outerwear for at least 50% off, you could find out some prices by going shopping online.

All above great things are indeed useful for everyone to buy something or not. I confirm that you make a decision exactly on reading here. Be a smart customer!

Have a wonderful Christmas holiday and Thank you so much for your attention!

Habits Of Parents For Helping Children To Become Millionaires

The rich are taught not waste their time on a television or a game and always obey the law by their parent…

According to the Business Insider, after doing a 5-year-research and interviewing 17 self- made millionaires and 128 poor people, Thomas Corley, the author of the book about the rich, found out that 10 important habits of the rich are taught by their parent. He also noticed that the habit can be hereditary.

Agreeing to Thomas Corley, Professor Nicolas Christakis, a leading researcher about infectious society behavior, has been working at Yale University said:” The habit is similar to a type of virus which is spread through your society relationship. The parents have handed down both good habits and bad habits from generation to generation. If there is a member in your family who suffer from obesity, you expect a 25 percent increase in overweightness.

If there is a smoker in your family, the chance is higher that you will smoke than the people whose family members don’t smoke. If a member of your family is hard-working to do exercises, so will you. If your family doesn’t appreciate knowledge, you won’t get high qualification degree. If your family has negative look, you are likely to become negative. The habit you learned from parents will take shape your future life.Habits of parents for helping children to become millionaires Continue reading “Habits Of Parents For Helping Children To Become Millionaires”

Save money for buying sport equipment

Sport activities are very beneficial for us to keep fit and stay healthy. Many people make a choice of going to the gyms to do exercises after a hard working day. They believe that these sport activities can make them enhance their health.

Woman with coins in jar
Woman with coins in jar

On the other hand, other people opt for investing on the sport equipment to place at their home because they think that if they buy it, they can work out at any time they want and they do not to spend a great deal of money to buy the monthly ticket. Today, we will introduce to you some sport equipment that you should save money to buy.

How to save money for buying the sport equipment

Saving money is not a piece of cake because each day, you have to spend a lot of money on the daily items such as foods, drinks, or even the soap. These items are very expensive, so you cannot have enough money to buy your favorite things as the sport equipment. In fact, there are many ways that you can apply to save your money:

  • Purchasing the used equipment
  • Sharing the expenses with your friends
  • Buying the sport equipment from the consignment shops
  • Looking for it on the internet
  • Finding the discounts

Here are some sport equipment that you should purchase for yourself


22065-4394345Whenever we talk about the sport activities, we cannot ignore the kayaks because this water sport activity is fantastic that can provide you to favorable condition to escape from the hustle and the bustle of your life.

Furthermore, purchasing a fishing kayak can help you have memorable trips with your friends and family members on the wonderful destinations such as the beaches, lakes, or the rivers.

You can take the advantages of this equipment to do what you like. Some people make a payment for it because they have a deep passion on surfing by the kayak. Additionally, you also take the use of the kayaks for the purpose of fishing. It has the place for sitting, and storage, so it will be the perfect idea for those who intend to go fishing.

To buy the best kayak for fishing, you had better refer the fishing kayak reviews to get the high quality product and the reasonable price.


762463_origIf you are a big fan of the soccer, you should buy the ball. By this way, you can play this sport activity with your friends and you do not need to take part in any club.

Furthermore, you can teach your children how to play soccer. This sport activity can appeal a huge number of the participants because soccer is considered as the king of the sport activities in some countries.

Additionally, playing soccer also is the best way to help your children away from the computer games. These games can cause many serious health problems or even put them in the danger.


masthead-golfApart from these above sport activities, you also can opt for the golf. This game can help you not only do exercise, but also make you become more patient. Many people said that you just can play this game when you are patient enough and hard working. Practicing can enhance the level of your performance. Moreover, you also can be more flexible after playing this activity.

Spend An Hour Every Weeks To Manage Personal Finances

Try planning weekly receipts and payments plan, learning from people understanding finance or books, get used to with managing money as a pleasure. They will have a large effect in the personal financial control.manage personal finances

Plan the money come in and out

The millionaires spend about 8.4 hours at medium per month for financial management and planning, according to a report by a business theoretician, Thomas Stanley. There are many people want to be millionaires, but most of them do not devote enough necessary time and effort to make dreams come true. If you don’t pay attention at personal financial management, you will have a mistake.Plan the money come in and out

Therefore, you should set the spending and income weekly and spend at least an hour each week to review the financial level. During planning, you should update the budget, review the upcoming spending, pay bills, check account exactly and handle other urgent financial problems. Considering the money management as a hobby like listening to music, dancing. If you are comfortable in the management, you will tend to maintain it in a long-term continuously.

Spend 20 minutes reading personal financial books every week

Don’t try to figure out all about the personal finances right away. Instead, you should just consider and understand carefully about each part every times. Spend 20 minutes every weeks to read the topics which related to personal finance. Choose a topic and read it until you understand all the meanings before moving to the next one. Continue reading “Spend An Hour Every Weeks To Manage Personal Finances”

9 Expenditure Saving Tips For Students

Started independent life, not everyone can master their pockets. Learn and become familiar with how to spend suitably!9 Expenditure Saving Tips For Students

  • Borrow or ask for documents: Characteristic of the university that is just learning the first half period and then absolutely do not need to use it again. So buy the textbook and only used for a short time really costly and wasteful than pockets of students. Take advantage of the resources of the library books. Most public school libraries also lend textbooks and many references. You can also apply policy ahead predecessors. Each can save a few hundred thousand! 9 Expenditure Saving Tips For Students
  • Make a distinction between “should” and “Interest”: Like it was necessary only extremely limited. For example, you like an IPhone, but actually you only needed a phone to listen to calls and web surfing, the Iphone it half price. So please understand that whether you need it or like it , and you are student only that you should limit your money
  • Purchase of essential items when going out: Students are quite abundant period of time and also very “gore” hanging out. To save the cost of each trip, be prepared before the necessities.
  • Share a dorm room and share shopping: Cost accounting sizeable rent in monthly spending. You should be coupled with one or a few other friends. Household items you should split each buyer a type to avoid wasting: you can buy rice cooker, your friend can buy gas stove. Your room will be fully equipped,and the cost may be shared. This also means moving out of home or do not live together anymore, you absolutely can carry belongings under their ownership. 9 Expenditure Saving Tips For Students

Continue reading “9 Expenditure Saving Tips For Students”

Experiencing Money Management For Newly Married Couples

Experiencing money management for newly married couples.Two mind with only a single thought about financial management is a key for  a happy marriage in the long term. For the money in the family always abundant you need proactive with their plans. The small experience will help you better manage budgets, let’s read it and apply!

  • Before marriage, talk openly about money matters.

Do not hesitate to mention this, because it is very important for later life the two of you. Talk honest and up front with your spouse about the concept of spending and saving money for the long-term financial goals. If your spouse fully-minded unity and it is wonderful. If not, at least you two have some similarities.  Conversely, if the views of the two of you living together “not a whole” then you should reconsider your decision to your marriage.Experiencing money management for newly married couples.

Debts that both sides are suffering also must be presented clearly with one another. Remember, the leading cause of divorce in North America was due to money and financial disagreements.

  1. Live a little lower than your conditions

This is the motto that many young couples in the developed countries  still select. They do not “overextend”, nor spend money in accordance with their financial capabilities that are hesitant, a little more to save for the future. So you and your spouse may have a stable job, economy is relatively stable but comfortable spending with your income correctly is not recommended, because the two of you need so many things for your life in the near future.

  1. Plan and set goals together towards

Marriage is a serious and important matter. Money problems of the family should always be discussed and agreed upon by both spouses. Including debt, the expenses of each person should be given particular consideration in a certain degree. The long-term goals like buying a house, taking care of children, for professional training abroad always need to be discussed and specific plans for the next inevitable unfortunate controversy.Experiencing money management for newly married couples.

  1. Always maintain a “common fund”

Many couples do not have a “common fund” all clear, it is very easy to lead to higher income earners pay all sums from small to large, and people with lower incomes spend all incomes to save. In the long run, this is not a good solution. The problem happens when a person has to take on everything that is not shared from the other person. So, despite how the side separate account, you and your spouse should have the same common fund to pay for taxes, bills and monthly expenses. The amount contributed is less or more depending on the capabilities of each person and the unification of both sides.Experiencing money management for newly married couples.

  1. Regularly discussing money

Experiencing money management for newly married couples.Monthly or whenever convenient, your spouse should sit down together to discuss about money. Although your spouse previously set objectives and general principles and agree with each other but it certainly will not avoid disagreements or some problems that arise in life. So the conversation like this will help you understand each other husband and wife together and financial management easier.

  1. Spending for dependents

Life after marriage is the life of  your spouse, but the financial resources of the couple you surely will have to share with dependents, parents may be at least two parties or later children. These are not small sums, so, you and your spouse should identify from the outset the two of you will nurture you and support to avoid “drowning”  in money later. Depending on the capabilities of each moment that you can choose different levels of support, but nonetheless should have unity with wife / husband. Buying insurance is a great way for you to ensure the future of our children.Experiencing money management for newly married couples.

Five Tips For Your Family’s Economical Expenditure

It is the fact that in cities, not a few families whose income is only 5-6 million, but they still make ends meet. Conversely, some have income with 10-15 million monthly, but this amount of money is not enough for them to spend. Among those who have high incomes, many of them are broke after only more than half of a month since they get their salary. Why so? Here are five ways for reasonable spend to help your family avoid this situation.

Be a traditional or nuclear family?your family’s economical expenditure

It would be a great advantage for you who live in an extended family near the workplace because your relatives such as parents and siblings can help you with the housework. As a result, you will have more time for overtime working to get more income. Besides, sharing the house with your relatives may make you not to worry about the house rent, which helps you somewhat financially. However, if you are in a nuclear family, whether renting or owning a house, you should choose one near your workplace or facilitating traveling of you and your spouse. A too cheap room far from your office may hamper your work. Selecting a house which is a little more expensive but in favorable location will be a good solution because the difference of cost will be much lower than the total costs.

Cautious of buying products on installment plan

your family’s economical expenditureEveryone wants to have a comfortable life. However, you should pay attention to your financial ability before deciding to purchase something. If your “pocket of money” is “slim”, then you’d better focus on the essential items first. Never buy what you just want or like without considering your budget. Besides, you should be alert to some forms of installment purchases. By your first glance, each installment seems to cost just a few coins. Nevertheless, it, in fact, is such a wrong way of assessing issues that makes many people toil away for many years to pay for their debt from this type of purchases.

Let try the purchase from the websites offering the model of “Groupon”. It is a model that has been developing strongly recently. Buying based on this model will help you save a considerable amount of money. Only with a budget equal to 50-70% as usual, you may use the service as desired. Besides, some auction websites may help you be able to earn some necessary items at bargain prices.

Schedule for your expenditure reasonably

The reduction of unnecessary spending is an important task to improving the “health” of your finances. With 5 minutes in the morning and evening every day to record, plan shopping and spending cuts, you will get the “control” of your budget. Just with your perseverance and patience like that, it is sure that your savings and spending cuts will be successful. At that time, despite low incomes which are about 4 or 5 million per month, you still live peacefully without pay much attention to money.your family’s economical expenditure

Save for the future

Different from the life when you are single, you, now, have your own family with a long list of things for which you need to spend money. Therefore, you need to have a sense of accumulating assets for your family’s future. It is your support in the long run if some surprises such as unfavorable work, sickness, and accidents unfortunately occur. It is very simple for you to do so. Every monthly, you just need to spend a small amount of money to make a deposit in a reputable bank. Although the interest rates are low, it’s stable and helps you accumulate supports for the future. Besides, monthly, you also have additional money from your interest to cover your family life.your family’s economical expenditure

Smart investment

If you have some money and don’t know what to do with it, why don’t you think about investments, maybe you are lucky and become richer. However, everything has its two sides. It’s easy come, easy go. There will be no investment without any risk, so you should consider carefully before deciding on a particular issue. There is a saying: “Don’t put all the eggs you have in one basket”. It advises you not to spend all the money you have in a particular field. Let make your investment in different areas consciously, and especially do not touch the amount of money for your future if it is not necessary.your family’s economical expenditure

All above are five ways to spend reasonably for a family’s life that you should know. Hopefully, you will become a great “accountant” of your family.

How To Create Reasonable Saving And Spending Habits

(Finance) There are many young couples are having problems with money. Once earned, the profligate, when there is a power savings. Basically, the lack of money is by using money and the lack of a reasonable plan. So what is the way to help you spend smarter?reasonable saving

Should know how to balance the checkbook

You create a good habit by every month you should use a notebook to record the amount that you have in that month. You intend to spend how much? And saved your account will be how long?reasonable saving

On the basis that you keep in mind the norms which they had set out and make expenditures in accordance with the figures given.


Ambition, dreamed of possibilities can also be very good goals that you should work towards. The always set for myself dreams and ambitions will be the impetus you know how to save in expenses.

For example, the current salary, you would want to buy a house within five years, for example, and to accomplish that dream you need a lot of money, but want more money no other way that you have to save an reasonable saving

Using the wallet is a good habit

Use the wallet to hold the money seemed a simple routine, but it gives you effective in saving money.

Do not assume that wallet, only to save money, but in addition you make to add both the bills as going to the supermarket bills, utility bills, phone bills. reasonable saving

The bill to add the kind of wallet would be a good way to always “remind” you have to pay fixed amounts each month, from which you can better orient spending rebounded.

Make a list when shopping

reasonable savingMake a list of every shopping will help you spend more purposeful, not be exceeded.

Before you go shopping you should write down a shopping list, and the next supermarket is just up the area to the right displays the selected item to a shopping list.

Because sometimes if not “programming” available plans while shopping, you will easily be attracted by the banners, ads, sweet offerings are caught listening ear, and you want to “Corinthians “now the item on, so your spending plan to be broke, and you will not be able to save for goals and ambitions set out.

Some simple tips

-Apart from that, be happy to “reveal” more for your money-saving ways extremely simple but also very effective:

– For example, you may  want to find a reference book or books cater to the learning process, do not rush to the bookstore and buy one immediately it home, but instead spending some time to go to the library and read it.

-If your family has a refrigerator, always keep the refrigerator full. Because that way you will save power consuming. If you do not have enough food to fill empty refrigerator, you should leave it simply in plastic bottles containing water.

Do not go to the supermarket with empty stomach. By then you will buy more food. Instead you should go to the supermarket just after eating.

-Each month, after paying down the phone and should sit and check the list of calls on the bill for looking out and cut the call is inappropriate, such as it was the phone call chatting, no content notification and critical nature.

– So buying in bulk if you can, this will help you save more money, by simply understand that when you buy in bulk the price will be cheaper than buying retail, buy less. However be aware and check the life span of the product, see the product categories whether can leave for long periods or not? Advised to buy these items in bulk, such as shampoo, soap, dishwashing  detergent or laundry detergent.reasonable saving

-Note down all expenditures for even the smallest. Get your spending diary, you should keep spending diary every day for every day you see how much you spend and how much to save. Consider and eliminate unreasonable items and legitimate.

– Do not use the single currency. Do not carry more cash in your wallet and should not bring much change. Should retail money,coin into piggy. After a month, every year you will be surprised with the amount of money in it.

-Cooking at home: costs for food and drink accounted for a sizeable budget. Moreover, cooking at home will create favorable opportunities for girls to be able to show their cooking skills or learn new dishes for the whole family to enjoy.

reasonable saving

– If you must buy something, especially something with a high frequency of use, long-term use to buy things with the best quality in economic conditions allow: it helps you save money to repair or replacement.