The Art Of Blagging – Saving Money By Getting Stuff For Free

BlaggerIt’s the ultimate money saving idea – convincing brands to send you their products for free, as if your were a celebrity.  But you don’t even need to be an A-lister to receive your share of freebies; and that is exactly what self-styled blagman Mike Essex has managed to do – with 485 free samples sent to him by different businesses, including video games, designer trainers, books, DVDs and even a kitchen sink!

So successful have Mike’s blagging endeavours been that he has recently published a book showing how both consumers and businesses alike can benefit from freebies.

Word of Mouth Marketing

For businesses, giving away free stuff encourages people to try their products and talk about them with their different networks; friends, family, colleagues and online social connections.  Creating a buzz of activity can have a dramatic impact on sales and really help good products take-off.

For consumers, the benefits of freebies are obvious, so the emphasis is on quality and blagging the best products or experiences for free.

A Guide To Successful Blagging

In ‘Free Stuff Everyday’ Mike shares his experienced approach for developing a ‘freebie’ proposition that will appeal to corporate marketing managers, and explains how to contact and convince them to give you their products to keep for free.

It’s a light-hearted, quirky and fun read that will appeal to bargain hunters and freebie seekers everywhere and you can buy the book from Amazon (see below).